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Valeo Siemens ePowertrain (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Plant 2, No. 28 Saida 5th Branch Road, XEDA
300385 Tianjin

Locations Capability
manufactoring Manufacturing
Employees 200+
Site 12.000 m²
Product lines eMotors
Certification IATF, ISO 9001

The Site

The Valeo Siemens eAutomotive Tianjin site is located in Tianjin City and covers an area of almost 12.000 square meters.


The business scope involves high-voltage power electronics technology and electric vehicle systems. Since the founding of the site in August 2017, more than 200 employees have been working there, focusing on the production of high-voltage motors used in electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles with strong commitment. Currently, the site has entered the mass production stage.

Location Tianjin Source: 1

The City

Tianjin was founded on November 21, 1404 during the reign of emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty and is the only city in ancient China with an accurate record of its founding date.


After more than 600 years, Tianjin has become a unique city, mixing Chinese and Western, ancient and modern cultures. Today, with a population of less than 15 million, the city of Tianjin is one of municipalities, national central city and national research and development base for advanced manufacturing.

The Leisure activities

Tianjin site organises various activities every year, such as fishing competition, food festival, gaming contest etc., which help employees to relax and strengthen the sense of belonging.


Tianjin is the birthplace of crosstalk. Crosstalk is a folk rap art. It is performed mainly with oral performances in the form of speaking, learning, teasing and singing to highlight its characteristics. The main act has a folding fan, handcuffs and wake-up wood. Performance forms include stand-up cross-talk, counterpart cross-talk, group cross-talk, etc. It is a form of artistic performance rooted in the people, drawn from life and popular with the masses.

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