We take electric mobility further with the very best of engineering.

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push electric mobility ahead?

Our mission

Challenge of our Generation

With our global engineering expertise, bold entrepreneurial spirit and strong innovations, we are accelerating the evolution of electric mobility.

Our portfolio

Experts in high-voltage technologies


Modern motor concepts represent an ideal approach and provide a high power density as well as advanced rotor technology that covers all customer needs.


eAxles are the perfect match of electric motor, transmission and inverter. They offer an overall optimized package in terms of costs and impressive performance classes.

Power Electronics

Power electronics are key technologies for efficient voltage conversion: inverters to power electric drivetrains, DCDC converters to power vehicle networks and on board chargers to ensure battery pack charge and all in a highly reliable way.
Our Team


We are a team of inventors, engineers, scientists, technologists and many more.
We use the very best of engineering to work together on innovations to take electric mobility further. That’s because we are the

Estimated car sales in 2030
  • Electric / Fuel cell

  • HV Hybrid (PHEV + FHEV)

  • Mild Hybrid

  • Start-Stop / conventional

the change

The breakthrough for electric vehicles is a consequence

Concerning the future automotive market in 2030, about one third of newly sold vehicles will come with a high voltage electric drivetrain – either as full-electrified or as plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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