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Valeo Siemens eAutomotive Hungary Kft.
8200 Veszprém,
Alsóerdők utca 024 Hrsz 42-es épület
Videoton Ipari Park

Locations Capability
manufactoring Manufacturing
Employees 950+
Site 24.000 m²
Product lines eAxle, Power Electronics
Certification IATF, ISO 14001, TISAX

The Site

Valeo Siemens eAutomotive established a new site in the Videoton Industrial park area in Veszprém in 2018.


At the beginning of 2021, the ceremonial handover of the head building took place, which means another 4.000 square meter hall expansion. With this, Veszprém Site has reached a milestone. In the new hall, drive trains and inverters will be manufactured. In addition to the production of electric car motor parts, research and development also takes place at the Veszprém site. The site counts more than 950 employees.

Location Vezsprem Source: 1

The City

Veszprém is located in the region of Western Hungary, in a well-developed industrial area.


It is the Town of Queens and has 60.000 inhabitants. It will be the European Cultural Capital City in 2023. The historical role of the city is significant. Not far from the city center there is the charming old town with the castle. With its diversity, Veszprém offers not only special festivals and exhibitions, but also various sporting events.

The Leisure activities

Veszprém offers a wide range of leisure activities in and around the city.


In summer there are several festival and program opportunities: VeszprémFest, Street Music Festival, Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days. There are special restaurants and cafes, street food, cinema, theatre as well as a zoo. The Veszprém Arena hosts concerts and sports events. Veszprém is famous for its handball team. The municipal sports swimming pool invites to relax during warm temperatures.

The cloisters and gardens at the foot of the Castle as well as the Veszprém Valley offer numerous leisure activities and are a real gem of Veszprém. Walking hand in hand, going for a stroll, resting on a comfortable bench, having a coffee, a beer or a snack – all this is possible here. The „Hungarian Folk Tales” and the “Siege” playgrounds await the children. A rising number of people find the area ideal for their new passion, “nordic walking”. The valley also attracts a range of people for climbing, others prefer to mount their bikes or put on their roller skates. Embraced by shady trees and alleys, we can find monuments from the Árpád era such as the Margaret Ruins, the ruins of the Veszprém Valley Nunnery and the Jesuit Church. The Veszprém Valley offers a wide range of programmes throughout the year: varied events, concerts, all-day programmes for families, folk dancing and exhibitions. The city of hills and valleys, shaped by the Séd Brook, invites everyone for walks, strolls with the loved one or pleasant chats in a café. This can also be enjoyed outside the city centre, in the natural environment.

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