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Valeo Siemens eAutomotive (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
North Junyi Industry Park, Huaide Village,
Fuyong Town, Baoan District,
518128 Shenzhen

Locations Capability
manufactoring Manufacturing
r&d R&D
Employees 100+
Site 4.800 m²
Product lines Power Electronics
Certification IATF, ISO 9001, TISAX

The Site

The Valeo Siemens eAutomotive site in Shenzhen is responsible for the research and development of inverters. Currently, more than 100 employees are working at this site.


Location Shenzhen Source: 1

The City

Shenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta front and is the link and bridge between Hong Kong and mainland China. It is the new and high-tech centre in China.


It also contains financial services, foreign trade, sea transportation, creative culture, it has an important position in the aspects of system innovation in China. Shenzhen is one of the cities with the strongest economy and fastest development in mainland China. High-tech industry, financial industry and logistics industry are the three pillars of industry in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an immigrant city where Chinese and Western cultures merge and exchange, forming a unique cultural atmosphere. Shenzhen is the main channel for China’s mainland to communicate with the world and an important base for import and export trade. It is the city with the highest degree of economic openness. It has created the world-famous “Shenzhen Speed” and enjoys the reputation of “City of Design”, “City of Fashion”, “City of Makers” and “City of Volunteers”. Shenzhen is one of the largest port cities, with the most inbound and outbound passengers and the most cars.

The Leisure activities

Shenzhen has a subtropical ocean climate, with strong modern coastal city features, full of sunshine and blooming flowers all year round.


In recent years, Shenzhen has been awarded “International Garden City”, “Excellent Tourist City”, “National Garden City”, and “Global Top 500 Environmental Protection” by the Chinese government and international organizations. The city has developed into a modern city with a prosperous economy, a sound legal system, a beautiful environment and a harmonious civilization.

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