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Siemens Automotive ePowertrain Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Building 5, No 1288,
Zhongchun Road, Minhang District
201109 Shanghai

Locations Capability
function Functions
headquarter Headquarter
manufactoring Manufacturing
r&d R&D
Employees 150+
Site 2.984 m²
Product lines eAxle, Power Electronics, eMotors
Certification IATF, ISO 9001, TISAX

The Site

The headquarters of Valeo Siemens eAutomotive China is located in the industrial area in the Minhang district in Shanghai.


More than 150 employees work here to serve the booming China market for electric vehicles. The Shanghai site is not only the central function of China corporate management, but also a business development center to serve customers across China, as well as the technical center for motors, inverters and e-drive systems.

In China, Valeo Siemens eAutomotive is one of the top suppliers of car components even though it was just found in 2016. The growth in business volume, number of employees and site capability are rapidly developed these years. In the coming years, the company is planning a steady expansion of its headquarters.

Location Shanghai Source: 1

The City

Shanghai is the largest city in China by population.


It serves as the most influential economic, finance, international trade as well as a cultural center in East China. The automotive industry is the largest economic factor for Shanghai. Most joint venture automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers set up their headquarters in Shanghai or surrounding cities to enjoy a mature supply chain and prosperous market offers.

The Leisure activities

Shanghai is a renowned international metropolis.


It is attracting more and more attention from all over the world and also a popular destination for visitors to experience China’s vibrant development. Across the Huangpu River, the futuristic skyline of the Pudong district rises, including the Shanghai Tower (632 meters high) and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. For lovers of Chinese antiquity, the sprawling Yu Garden with its traditional pavilions and ancient towers is interesting.

Besides the modernization, the multicultural flair gives the city a unique glamour. Here you can be deeply impressed by the perfect cultural integration of not only modern and traditional, but also the western and the oriental.

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